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How Did Legacy Start?

Legacy was an idea that just started in about 2018 when, founder, Tyanna was taking photos of the high school athletes. Fast forward a couple years and she noticed even more within the cheerleaders a need for a youth center. A lot of the students seemed to want to go on and do more or needed help pursuing something they enjoyed. Unfortunately, a lot of the students seemingly felt hopeless because ‘who would help them’? Tyanna, however, noticed a lot of caring parents and elderly that want to see the youth do something successful which sparked the idea.

A lot of athletes veered more towards focusing on their sport where other students fell in the shadows because they felt they didn’t have much to contribute. If we could find a way to inspire the talents others have and make it accessible for athletes to go further after high school, these kids wouldn’t just need something fun to do on a weekend. Youth could have a place that promotes fun in a good environment.

Why a Youth Center?

While we could just help youth in the community, these youth typically try to find camaraderie with others who have similar interests. They need somewhere to belong.

Going Forward

Since the youth center vision is one that equips and inspires youth, it transformed into an idea to have classes that connect the older generation with the younger generation. Youth want to know simple life skills along with the skills that they might need to do something they're interested in. You know the saying 'It takes a village'? This is an instance where this phrase is the inspiration to the youth center. There are so many talented and knowledgeable people in town that there is no reason youth can't learn from others who want to pass on their legacy.

Tyanna’s home life and church family inspired this, as her grandmother has passed down worlds of knowledge while church members have taken her under their wing to train her in her trade, photography. The knowledge that  youth can receive from others who are well-versed in trades or simple life-hacks is massive. We want this generation coming up to feel confident about taking that next step into life whatever path they choose.

Then it Grew

As Tyanna shared this idea with others, she quickly found just how many people wanted to see this in the community. There was no doubt that there would be people backing the idea if she pursued this endeavor. Although it has taken several years for the idea to fully form behind Legacy, there have been so many people who contributed invaluable knowledge and suggestions to this center. Legacy is already living up to it’s name as it has been built and molded through community and the collective ideas of so many wonderful people.

We are extremely excited to really get the ball rolling on the youth center and to see how it grows. As the years go by, we know that Legacy will continue to flow and mold to the community’s and youth’s needs. There are already so many people who are inspired and we hope that Legacy will continue to inspire empower. We pray for God to continue to bless our endeavors and all the people involved.

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