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Legacy Trade Classes

Legacy trade classes are exactly how they sound. We search for people who want to share their knowledge about their trade/profession. This doesn’t go without interest though. Legacy looks for things that youth are actually interested in. We want to make the connections between the community and youth so that it’s beneficial on both sides. Say a student is interested in culinary but has no way to try this at home. It is our goal to provide the items and mentor that can help them discover if this is truly an interest and if they want to go further. Classes like these are also helpful to teach youth basic skills when they live on their own. 

Do Youth Have to Attend a Class?

No, youth going to the youth center will not have to attend a class for them to hangout at the center. We do not have any stipulations on what an attendee does or does not do because we want it to be relaxed. There will be people, however, involved in getting to know the youth who attend so that we can help them with whatever they need in life and point them towards any opening in finding their identity in what they enjoy. Of course this is not intrusive, just simply giving youth opportunities where they may feel that they don’t have any. Legacy will not push any motives on youth or try to get youth to do anything that they aren’t already interested in because the goal of Legacy is to find the talents that already lay within them.

What About Mentors?

Our goal is that mentors will volunteer their time so that we can keep it as cost effective for youth as possible. That being said, we want to reach out to the community to have enough donations that we can compensate mentors/business owners for supplies or anything else they need. If Legacy can generate enough donations that youth can get classes paid for and we can pay mentors for their time, this would be ideal as we are thankful and grateful for the mentors who will give their time. The more volunteer time we get, however, the more donations and such can go to other aspects of the youth center and events that youth will put on.

Serving with Those skills

Legacy wants to put together events using the skills that youth learn from mentors as well. These events would be things that culinary students can show off their talents while art students might auction off some of their pieces. We want the youth to feel like they can actually contribute to the community in a productive way and feel good about the talent they are building. Additionally, any avenues for youth to serve the community such as baking cookies for the fire department or making cards for senior centers are top priority.

Be a Mentor

If you think that you'd like to be a mentor for a class, please get a hold of us and we will gather information for that to happen!

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