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Our Mission Statement
& Promise to our Youth

Legacy’s mission is one that aligns with God’s mission. Although our establishment is built around Christian values, we welcome everyone as we want to give all youth a safe and engaging place where they feel that they belong. Legacy focuses on giving youth a space where they have an opportunity to explore their passions and form their identity to further create their legacy. This is furthered through the participation of the community as we work to connect older generations who want to leave their legacy through the younger generations who share the same passions. We will work to empower youth from the inside out as we strive to nurture respect in youth for themselves, their families, their friends, and the community around them.

“We love because He first loved us. If anyone says, ‘I love God,’ and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.” – 1 John 4:19-20

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We promote respect towards all people
as youth find confidence in their identity


We encourage youth to pursue their passions
and use that positively in the community


We bring professionals in the community to the youth
to leave and create a legacy

Our Vision
We want to give youth a place to belong

Although Legacy is still new, we want to share what our vision is for the youth center. If everyone understands the goal, this can help Legacy become all that it must be for youth to flourish. Additionally, we want to be completely transparent about what we want to see happen for youth and hope that this will be the same goal for everyone who learns about our youth center.

We want to give youth a purpose in life and in the community. They should feel that they indeed have a place within the community. This purpose is something they can grow and nourish throughout their lives because they have the right tools that taught them how to do that.

In this part of their lives, youth have a lot of decisions to make as they try to figure out who they are and what they like. Some might enjoy music, theater, dance, art, writing, photography, etc. but not have the means to try these out. We want to help them develop their identity around the their natural talents and help them find confidence in this as to become a positive, productive part of community with this confidence.

This confidence in who they are by understanding their natural talents will help youth to feel fulfilled and not try to find it through other negative means. We want youth to thrive but in the healthiest way possible. This can only come through embracing who God made them to be whether belief is agreed upon or not. We were made with a unique and beautiful identity and purpose. Understanding and pursuing these with positive guidance will build a strong foundation for youth to enter adulthood. 

At Legacy, we believe that respect is not something that authority demands but that is a humble action pursued in love for others. When youth understand that humility is not negative, it helps us to practice compassion and strength in our own identity, they can use this to build their character and better understand  how the world works and what positivity can do within a community.

It is our goal for youth to learn how joyful it can be to serve others in the community using their talents. We don’t want to force youth to do things just because they have to but to enforce how fulfilling it is to see people smile because of something they’ve done for them and to feel that connection with others. Using talents to bless other people’s lives can help empower youth and reinforce and inspire their identity to creatively find how else they can positively contribute to the community that they live in. We all live here, we should all want to see it succeed.

Our Youth Center

Hanging Out

We plan to find a building where youth can hang out and meet others who enjoy the things they enjoy as well.


Our hope is for the building to have a reading area, arts, instruments, games, a pool table, etc. for youth to use.


We will be looking for tutors that we can have on hand for youth who want to improve in school.


Our vision is for professionals in the community to volunteer to teach classes that they can pass on their legacy.


We'd love volunteers to help plan events for youth to present their talents & fundraise for the youth center.

Coffee Shop

Our goal is to incorporate a coffee shop for youth to hangout in and that is open to the public to help fund Legacy further.


Donations received from
our loving community


Different projects done with
the help of donors


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A team consisting
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The Ones Who Make an Impact

Meet Our Volunteers

Tyanna Wilson

CEO / President

Julie Wilson


Amanda Wanzek-Samons


Davia DeJong


Make an impact in these lives and in the community

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The Impact of Legacy


“Lovelcon has provided their Non Profit service approximately 25 years and I see that they provide their service with more trust and honesty to change for a better future and make people happy.”

Founder of CEO
Mr. Jems Bond

“Compared to the other organizations in the world I have seen that the service Lovecon provides is safe and their service much better than the other care organizations in the world..”

Founder of CEO
Mr. Jems Bond

“They are giving their service 24/7 to help the people who are needy. Once I informed them that A man was in trouble. They helped that man within 1 hr and solved that problem and I was impressed..”

Founder of CEO
Mr. Jems Bond